WASHINGTON, DC– The DC Lottery was looking for Bettie Robinson-Gibbs. Close to four months earlier, announcements had been made that another $25,000 A Year for Life winning ticket in the Lucky for Life™ game had been sold in the District.

The Washington, DC resident won the multi-state game's 2nd tier prize after matching the first five numbers (9-18-24-26-29) drawn for the Thursday, June 4, 2020 game. She is the fifth DC Lottery player to cliam a $25,000 A Year for Life prize since the game's launch in 2015. 

When asked why it took nearly four months for her to claim her prize, Ms. Robinson-Gibbs replied, “I changed purses! When I changed back, I saw the tickets and thought to check them. I just knew I had a year to claim.”

“Fortunately, Ms. Robinson-Gibbs claimed when she did. Players typically have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their win,” said DC Lottery spokesperson Nicole Jordan.

Drawn every Monday and Thursday and played in 25 US states and the District of Columbia, the top prize for Lucky for Life™ is $1,000 A Day for Life. The 2nd prize is $25,000 A Year for Life. The “for life” prizes in the game are payable for the length of the winner’s natural life, with payments guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years. Ms. Robinson-Gibbs chose the cash option, a one-time payment of $390,000.

The winning ticket was a quick-pick purchased at Gandel’s Liquors, 211 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. The winning numbers were 9-18-24-26-29 and the Lucky Ball was 8. Gandel’s Liquors will receive a $1,000 commission bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The safety and the well-being of our players, retailers and employees is a top priority at the DC Lottery. Players can redeem winning tickets up to $600 at any DC Lottery retailer and prizes up to $5,000 at the DC Lottery’s Retailer Plus locations throughout the city. Prize claims of any amount can be mailed to the DC Lottery’s Prize Center. Players seeking to claim prizes over $5,000 should contact the Prize Center at 202-645-8000 for additional guidance.

Since its inception in 1982, the DC Lottery has awarded more than $3.8 billion in prizes, transferred more than $2.14 billion to the District's General Fund which supports essential services in the District, and has helped local nonprofits raise more than $134 million in support of social causes.