Washington, DC – On September 5, 2018, the DC Lottery will debut a #ANewLevel of winning to lottery players in the District with $10 Million Cash Extravaganza. The $30 ticket features more than $10 million in total cash prizes, including three $1 million instant “scratch and win” prizes, as well as 60 prizes spanning from $3,000 to $30,000 and well over 13,400 prizes ranging from $100 to $1,000. There are 30 chances to win on each ticket. The cash-flush prize structure is the richest of any instant scratcher in DC Lottery history.

With an overall prize payout of 79 percent, $10 Million Cash Extravaganza boasts the highest payout percentage of any instant ticket at DC Lottery retailers. The chance of winning a grand prize in the new game are 1 in 150,000 – the best odds of becoming an instant millionaire in any DC scratcher game. The chance of winning a prize in the new game is 1 in 2.82, which is also a Lottery best.

$10 Million Cash Extravaganza presents players with 30 thrilling chances to win on a single ticket. On each ticket are 10 “Winning Numbers” and 30 of “Your Numbers.”. If one or more of the “Your Numbers” match the “Winning Numbers,” the player wins the corresponding dollar amount. As an added bonus, there are also symbols hidden beneath some of the “Your Number” spots, including money stacks, 10X symbol, and $100 and $500 bursts that could multiply your prize amount or automatically award an instant cash win.

Until the launch of $10 Million Cash Extravaganza, the highest-priced scratcher ticket offered in the District was $20; however, the $30 price point is not new to the U.S. lottery industry. Connecticut introduced the nation’s first $30 ticket in 2002, and more than 20 other lotteries followed suit over the years. DC’s Neighboring states each debuted $30-priced games in recent years. Virginia launched their first $30 ticket in 2016 and has released a new one each year since. While Maryland released its first $30 scratcher in 2017 and a second earlier this year. The Texas Lottery offers the nation’s toppriced ticket, a $50 game.

$10 Million Cash Extravaganza gives players ten million reasons to play, presents #ANewLevel of winning, and starting September 5, 2018, can be found at your neighborhood DC Lottery retailer.