In accordance with the Act, each Retailer, Distributor or Manufacturer must obtain a license from the OLG to sell, lease, or operate Games of Skill Machines in the District. 

The OLG regulates Game of Skill (GOS) Machines throughout the District, licensing and monitoring these operations for compliance with District and federal laws and regulations. The following provides the license types and associated fees. All fees are due prior to the issuance of the license. In the case of Game of Skill Machines, the fee must be paid prior to the issuance of the OLG registration sticker.

Manufacturer, Distributor, and Retailer are the three (3) license types that are available.

Manufacturer means a person/business who manufactures or assembles GOS Machines for sale or lease to Distributors or provides to Distributors major components or parts of GOS Machines for the repair or maintenance of GOS Machines;

Distributor means a person/business who buys or leases GOS Machines, or any major components or parts of a GOS Machine, from Manufacturers for sale or lease and distribution to Retailers;

Retailer means a person/business who offers GOS Machines on its licensed establishment. A licensed establishment means an on-premises retail establishment licensed by the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (“ABRA”) to sell, serve, and allow for the consumption of alcoholic beverages. A Retailer of a licensed establishment must further secure the following to qualify for a Retailer GOS Machine license:

  • A GOS Machine endorsement from ABRA; and
  • A written use agreement with a licensed Distributor for the placement or installation of a GOS Machines on the licensed establishment.

What is the application cost for each type of GOS License?

The Application, Registration, and Renewal Fees for each license type are as follows:













Machine Registration Sticker

$100 (one time)

No fee, but if sticker is lost or damaged $75.



OLG Game of Skill License Application
Instructions for OLG Game of Skill License Application-Manufacturer
Instructions for OLG Game of Skill License Application-Distributor
Instructions for OLG Game of Skill License Application-Retailer
Change in Operations Form (pending)
Enterprise Release Authorization Form
Key Personnel Release Form
Institutional Investor Certification Form

Approved Testing Laboratory

 Game of Skill ED Order 23-G-001

Games of Skills Rules

DC Act 23-229 February 27, 2020
DC Act 23-479 November 02, 2020
DC Act 24-16 February 26, 2021
DCMR Title 30 Chapter 22 March 26, 2021