Application Checklist

  • Complete the DC Lottery application in its entirety. All owners, officers, partners, and/or governors must be listed on the application and must complete and sign the OLG Corporate Data Supplemental form.
  •  Provide a copy of the business establishment Basic Business License.
  •  Provide a copy of the business establishment Certificate of Occupancy.
  •  Provide a copy of your Clean Hands Certificate
  •  Copy of Federal Tax Employment Identification Notice (CP575 or 147C)
  •  Copy of Government issued photo Identification for all owners.
  •  Completed IRS W-9 Form (Business organizations and individual owner(s))
  •  Completed Auto Pay Agreement (Account information and voided check
  • Supporting Documentation of Settlement Agreement  (Change of Ownership Retailer Only)

For Sports Lottery Retailer (GambetDC) Applicants ONLY: *

  • Provide a completed OLG Security Plan Submission Form and Security Plan
  • Provide a $5,000 Application Fee (cashier's check, money order, or cash wire)

*GambetDC sports lottery licenses are good for two years and are non-refundable and non-transferrable

In order to evaluate your establishment for a DC Lottery License the OLG will complete the following items:For all All Applicants:

  1. Conduct and document an ADA site assessment
  2. Create an establishment site plan showing where terminals/kiosks will be located
  3. Provide new retailer training
  4. Submit an equipment installation request to be completed by service technicians

For Sports Lottery Retailer Applicants:

  1. Conduct a Security Plan verification to include a site visit to verify security system
  2. Verify ABRA Endorsement for those that are required to obtain one.
  3. Verify that the establishment is not located within the area covered by the Shiptead-Luce Act or within any Class A Operator’s two block exclusionary zone.

Applications will not be accepted if all supporting documents are not provided. If the applicant is a change of ownership, he/she must contact the Licensing Department immediately (202) 645-8071.


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