Bring the Fun to your Fundraiser

DC Lottery has helped raise more than $136.5 million for nonprofits through the licensing of charitable gaming activities in the District of Columbia. Not only are our charitable games a creative way to raise money, they are fun and innovative events that your donors won’t forget.

DC Lottery is Here to Help

Event planning is hard enough. Our staff is ready to assist with any technical information and training your organization may need to conduct games. Contact us today to start planning your next fundraiser. | 202-645-8071

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Info to Know

District of Columbia law requires a license for charitable gaming events. The Office of Lottery and Gaming is the licensing agent for all Charitable Gaming in the District of Columbia. Any nonprofit group conducting games of chance in the District of Columbia must have a license issued by DC Lottery.

Nonprofit organizations incorporated in Maryland and Virginia may also apply for a license to conduct raffles in the District of Columbia. All organizations must purchase, rent, or lease the equipment and supplies for their events from a licensed supplier.

The Charitable Games division of DC Lottery has a mission to assure that charitable gaming is at all times fair and honest and that proceeds and prizes are handled according to established rules. DC Lottery has developed rules, regulations, and specific guidelines for the conduct of bingo games, raffles, and Monte Carlo Night parties. The rules, regulations, and guidelines are designed to maximize benefits for the public at large.

For general guidelines and licensing fees, see the Charitable Games Rules and Regulations. Once a license is approved, we’ll provide specific rules for your fundraising event.


Failure to submit your charitable games application 30 days prior to the event will result in automatic denial of the application.

How to Apply

To apply online, download the PDF of the appropriate application. Applications can also be requested by telephone or by visiting our office.