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Protect Yourself! Follow these guidelines upon purchasing any DC Lottery ticket:

Sign Your Ticket

The DC Lottery encourages players to SIGN YOUR TICKET. A lottery ticket is a bearer instrument meaning, whoever signs the ticket is understood to be the rightful owner of the ticket. To ensure your potential win, SIGN YOUR TICKET

Legal Reminder: One owner per ticket. One signature per ticket.
"When a ticket is signed in the designated area for "signature," it is owned by the person whose signature appears in the designated area." 

Learn more about 30 DCMR sec. 500 "Lottery Tickets" here

Check Your Ticket

The ticket checker is an immediate, independent, and private way to find out if your ticket is a winner. Players have the ability to check their own tickets for wins. Just insert the barcode of your ticket into the scanner on the Ticket Checker, Win Station, or MP Terminal Machine. If your ticket is a winner, “WINNER” will be displayed in the reader window. 

Ticket Checker Win Station MP Terminal Machine
Ticket Checker Win Station MP Image

 Validate Your Ticket

When cashing a winning ticket at a DC Lottery retailer location, remember to ask for your ticket validation receipt. The receipt will confirm your winning ticket and the amount of the win. You can also view your win on the Customer Display Unit located at the DC Lottery retailer terminal.

Customer Display Unit Ticket Validation Receipt
Customer Display Unit


 Claim Your Prize

The DC Lottery and its agents require 100% ID check for claims of $600 or more. Winners at this level are required to present two forms of ID—primary (driver's license, non-driver's license, or passport) and secondary (social security card). Names on both must perfectly match.

Prevent and Report Fraud

If someone calls you saying “You’re a winner,” and you haven’t played—you haven’t won. The DC Lottery will NEVER ask players to send in money to claim a prize. This is a scam. Please report any suspicious activities to the Federal Trade Commission,  the DC Metropolitan Police Department's Financial Crimes and Fraud Unit or the DC Lottery’s Security team by phone at 202-645-9009 or email at

Learn more about 30 DCMR sec. 502 "Ticket Responsibility" here.

Persons who alter or attempt to forge or alter tickets are subject to criminal prosecution.

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Winning Numbers

Past Winning Numbers
  • Lucky for Life

    Lucky Ball = 11

  • Mega Millions

    Mega Ball = 3
    Megaplier = 2

  • Powerball

    Powerball = 16
    Power Play = 3

  • DC2

    Mid-Day 8/19/2018

    Evening 8/19/2018
  • DC3

    Mid-Day 8/19/2018

    Evening 8/19/2018
  • DC4

    Mid-Day 8/19/2018

    Evening 8/19/2018
  • DC5

    Mid-Day 8/19/2018

    Evening 8/19/2018
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