Sports Betting has Arrived—and it's here to Stay

Parlays? Prop bets? You’ve probably heard a lot about sports betting recently. TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, social media, and sports fans across D.C. are discussing betting lines, odds, and favorites more than ever before.

People in the District want to bet on sports, and they want to do it at their favorite spots in the city—where they’re already eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends on gameday. That’s where launching your GambetDC Sportsbook comes in!

By the Numbers

  • In 2021, Washington, D.C., had more than $200 million in sports wagers—that’s a total that will continue to rise over the next several years.
  • As of February 28th, the retail handle is over $2.7 million since inception, and commissions total over $152,000.
Gambet DC - Take your business to the next level as a hambetdc sportsbook partner

Take Your Business to the Next Level as A GambetDC Retail Partner

GambetDC is the District’s Sportsbook, powered and backed by DC Lottery. Becoming a member of the GambetDC Retail Network will take your business to the next level by:

Bringing in New Guests

The ability to bet on sports with GambetDC sets you apart and brings new patrons through your doors to eat, drink, and hang out on gameday—people who might not have otherwise discovered you.

Reimagining the Guest Experience

Sports betting has the power to make every game feel like a big game! This means more excitement in your venue and a stronger association between your business and the fun of gameday. Experience and excitement cause guests to spend more and linger longer.

Driving Repeat Visits

Once you introduce guests to this new gameday experience, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Generating a Completely New Revenue Stream

  • Receive a 5% commission on sports wagers placed at your business.
  • Receive a 1% commission on winning bets cashed out at your business.

GambetDC Makes Offering Sports Betting Easy so You Can Focus on Everything Else

Let GambetDC be your gateway to the sports betting industry—it’s the least risky, most profitable way for you to get involved. With only a $5,000 investment, you essentially own your own book but with none of the hassle—we give you comprehensive support to help you get (and stay) in the game! As a member of the GambetDC Retail Network you’ll receive:

GambetDC Betting Kiosk

Each kiosk is branded, self-service, and takes up less than four square feet of retail space!

GambetDC Promotional Assets & Signage

You will receive promotional items—like cups, coasters, shirts, and more—and interior/ exterior signage to help you promote your new offering.

Marketing Templates

A full suite of GambetDC graphics and templates will be provided for you to use in your promotion on social media, email, or wherever you communicate to your audiences.

Inclusion in GambetDC Advertising

Your business will be added to the GambetDC/DC Lottery website which receives an average of 1.6M pageviews per month. Plus, you will be included in campaigns, promotions, social media, emails, and more.

24/7 Training & Support

We will provide you with easy-to-understand training materials during onboarding and training refreshers will always be available to you online. Additionally, we will provide you with How To Play cards and Table Tents for player education, and all GambetDC self-service kiosks also include a How To Play tab.

The best part? You get all this for FREE as a member of the GambetDC Retail Network.

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