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Black History Month

32 Years of Heritage

The DC Lottery’s Black History Poster Celebrates 32 Years of Heritage. Initiated in 1986, the DC Lottery’s Black History Poster celebrates people, places, and events significant in the rich and comprehensive telling of American history. We hope that you enjoy viewing this gallery of posters past. While not all posters are still available, here’s a list of Black History posters produced by the DC Lottery. Free copies of the 2018 poster are available for pick-up at the DC Lottery’s Prize Center and your neighborhood branch of the DC Public Library.

Year Theme Description Poster
2018 Historic Black American Presence in Washington, DC’s Neighborhoods Stroll the DC that was and get a different perspective on the neighborhoods you see today. 2018 Black History Month Poster
 2016 Liberty and Justice for All: Marches That Evoked Change   Explores three major protest events that took place on the National Mall that were lead by African Americans..  2013 Black History Month Poster
 2015 Heroes: African Americans in Espionage   Celebrates the contributions of African Americans in espionage.  2013 Black History Month Poster
 2014 With These Hands
Celebrates the milestones and achievements of African Americans in medicine.
2013 Black History Month Poster
 2013 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation
Celebrates the signing of this historical document
2013 Black History Month Poster
2012 Lifting a Nation: Black Women in Politics Celebrates the contributions, triumphs, and experiences of African American women in American politics. 2012 Black History Month Poster
2010 Tell It Like It Is: Black American Media Pioneers Highlights of news and media pioneers including Samuel Cornish, John Russwurm, Dr. Calvin Rolark, Ida B. Wells Garnett, and Max Robinson. 2010 History Month Poster
2009 Pathway to Change Photos and text of notable Blacks in the political history of the United States leading to the election of our nation’s first Black President, Barack Obama. 2009 History Month Poster
2008 D.C. Lottery Celebrates The Washington Mystics: Ten Years of Taking Charge and Making History This calendar highlights the achievements of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, who have been in existence for 10 years. 2008 History Month Poster
2007 Generations of Jazz on the U Street Beat This calendar highlights the achievements of four native Washingtonian jazz artists: Duke Ellington, Buck Hill, Ronnie Wells, and Davey Yarborough. 2007 History Month Poster
2006 From the Steel Mill to the Baseball Diamond, The Negro Leagues' Homestead Grays This calendar highlights the achievements of one of the best Negro Leagues' teams, the Homestead Grays. 2006 History Month Poster
2005 Bolling V. Sharpe This poster celebrates the historic case, Bolling v. Sharp, which ended segregation in D.C. public schools. 2005 History Month Poster
2004 The Pearl Incident This historic event took place in Washington City (D.C.) in 1848 when 77 enslaved black men, women, and children attempted to escape to freedom aboard the vessel named Pearl. 2004 History Month Poster
2003 Carter G. Woodson, The Man Behind the Legacy This poster reminded people of how the celebration of Black History Month began and Dr. Woodson's philosophy on the importance of knowing and preserving our history. 2004 History Month Poster
2002 Amistad Incident This historical event involved an aboard ship, slave revolt. The Amistad Incident poster featured photographs including the ship, the monument built in honor of the Africans, a narrative of the incident detailing the legal battle that lead to the Africans being found not guilty and freed to return to their homeland. 2002 History Month Poster
2001 Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad movement Calendar/Poster featured quilt-patterns used to guide runaway slaves, photos of various historic figures, a narrative history of the movement and sites, and artwork depicting fleeing slaves and the routes they followed. N/A
2000 Buffalo Soldiers The Buffalo Soldier Calendar/Poster was produced in similar fashion with numerous symbols, historic sites, photos, medals, military patches, artwork and a narrative of the soldiers' exploits. N/A

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