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How And Where To Claim D.C. Lottery Prizes


Claim Your Prize

It's easy to collect your prize. The information below explains where you can claim different prize levels.

Amount Redeemable At
Up to $600 Any DC Lottery agent
DC Lottery Prize Center
More than $600, up to $5,000 DC Lottery Prize Center
Agent plus locations
Prize Amounts Above $5,000  DC Lottery Prize Center

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Claim Period (Effective 10/1/2011)

Game Claim Period for Tickets Purchased after October 1, 2011
DC-3 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
DC-4 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
DC-5 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
D.C. Fast Play 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
D.C. Keno 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
Hot Lotto® 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
Lucky for Life® 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
Mega Millions® 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
POWERBALL® 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
Race2Riches 180 Days from the Date of the Draw
DC Scratchers 180 Days from the Official Close of Game
(Check the Back of the Ticket for the Correct Claim Period)

Save Some Time!

Save time on your claims process and fill out the DC Lottery claim form and attach your winning ticket to expedite your claims process.

Say Cheese!

Winners claiming a prize of $25,000 or more are required to have their photograph taken in order to complete the claim process and receive their Lottery prize.

Agents may, and are encouraged to, redeem prizes up to $600. Prizes of $5,000 or more must be redeemed at the DC Lottery Prize Center or by mail. For prizes claimed at the DC Lottery prize center and Agent plus locations, winners will need to present two forms of identification, primary and secondary. A primary identification consists of a State Driver’s License, State Issued identification, or a United States Passport. A secondary identification consists of a Social Security card. Claimant must present proof of social security number before claim can be processed and all names on identification presented must be exactly the same. The DC Lottery prize center distributes prize amounts in the form of checks only.

Mailing Instructions:
If you claim a prize of any amount by postal mail, please sign and mail the winning ticket along with a copy of your Driver's License, State Issued identification, or United States Passport, and  Social Security card to the DC Lottery Claim Center.

DC Lottery is not responsible for tickets lost in the mail.

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Winning Numbers

Past Winning Numbers
  • Lucky for Life

    Lucky Ball = 10

  • Mega Millions

    Mega Ball = 11
    Megaplier = 2

  • Powerball

    Powerball = 10
    Power Play = 4

  • DC3

    Mid-Day 6/26/2017

    Evening 6/25/2017
  • DC4

    Mid-Day 6/26/2017

    Evening 6/25/2017
  • DC5

    Mid-Day 6/26/2017

    Evening 6/25/2017
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